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Acne Treatments In North London

Acne is a common skin complaint regularly seen to affect the face, neck, chest and back.

Presenting as spots or pimples on the surface of the skin, acne is an inflammatory condition that typically manifests as a result of either hormonal factors, or blockages in the pores caused by excess sebum and dead skin cells.


At various points in our lives the body experiences fluctuations in hormone levels, with adolescence and the menopause being two significant examples. This can result in an outbreak of whiteheads, blackheads or pus-filled pustules on the surface of the skin.


The appearance of acne is often an unwanted concern that can be viewed as unpleasant and unappealing, with particularly severe cases commonly affecting the emotional well-being of the sufferer. This can lead to a loss of confidence and feelings of embarrassment in many instances.

Although very tempting, it is important to refrain from squeezing or picking at spots and pimples, as this can exacerbate the condition and lead to further inflammation or infection.


It is not unusual for people who have been affected by acne to also experience acne scarring, categorised as marks that are left behind after an outbreak of acne that causes damage to the skin. This results in the development of a visibly textured or dimpled-looking skin dimpled, also accompanied by possible discolouration.

Though acne scarring will generally fade over time, it may not eradicate completely, resulting in an uneven skin tone and texture that can be hard to conceal and have a knock on self-confidence.


Ambra Aesthetic Clinic offer a quality range of acne treatments in North London, treating acne and acne scarring through Microneedling, subcision and TCA cross peel aimed at resurfacing the skin and restoring healthy properties to its structure. Deep cleansing and exfoliation can help to keep the skin in tip-top condition. We also recommend that you maintain a good skincare regime at home, making use of recommended products such as ZO-skinhealth and the Obagi Medical range, to lessen the likelihood of further outbreaks.

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