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Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

The crystal microdermabrasion facial produces fantastic results, improving the condition of the skin so that it becomes firmer, smoother and more radiant. This treatment is a favourite among many celebrities who wish to achieve a naturally revitalised appearance.

This particular facial reconditions the skin without the use of harsh chemicals, gently yet efficiently exfoliating the skin. A wide range of common concerns can be improved through the use of this treatment, including: dull skin, oily skin, blocked pores, sun damage and minor pigmentation / blotchy skin.

During the treatment a handpiece sprays inert corundum crystals directly onto the face, which are distributed evenly over the complexion. When the crystals are removed from the skin’s surface through the vacuum action, they take with them surface dirt and debris, as well as dead skin cells. By not allowing these impurities to build up on the skin, a clear and glowing complexion can shine through. Crystal microdermabrasion facial can be used regularly alongside your usual skincare routine, enhancing its results for skin that remains in great condition. To fully revitalise the appearance of the skin, Ambra Aesthetics may suggest a course of up to 6 treatments performed at weekly intervals. Going forward, repeating this procedure on a monthly basis can help to ensure your complexion remains in tip-top condition.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic we make the crystal microdermabrasion facial bespoke to you. Depending on your concerns and treatment expectations we can add a collagen stimulating mask and / or skin lifting treatments. This can further revitalise the skin by helping to improve the quality of an ageing complexion by softening fine lines and tightening loose skin. Increasing collagen can also reduce the appearance of acne scarring, as the skin becomes smoother and fuller.

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