grascontrol® detox powder



Dietary supplement in power format with artichoke extract, birch extract and turmeric. Includes 20 sticks - mango flavour
20 x 3g
Its optimal combination of plant extracts contributes to detoxifying the organism and eliminating retained fluids and fat deposits when following a 20-day detox plan. Main benefits of grascontrol detox powder: - DETOXIFYING: Contributes to eliminating secondary metabolites from waste. -DIURETIC: Stimulates diuresis, helping remove retained fluids and detoxifying the organism. -FAVOURS DIGESTION: Promotes fat and protein metabolism. -PREBIOTIC: It favours a selective growth of healthy bacteria. An exclusive formula in powder format to dissolve in water. grascontrol detox powder comes in mango flavour, is vegan and has no added sugars. 10 kcal/stick

Directions for use