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Cryotherapy uses the process of freezing to remove skin lesions from the surface of the skin.

Through a controlled and pain free technique, this treatment delivers extreme cold to eradicate irregularities such as: skin tags, moles, warts and cherry angiomas.

Lumps, bumps and lesions can appear anywhere on the face and body, either as a raised abnormality on the skin’s surface or protruding from beneath the skin.

Although they can often become annoying or itchy, a skin lesion may be hard or soft in texture and is not often found to be harmful. Lumps are likely to develop in places where the sweat glands are especially active and are more common through ageing and exposure to the sun.

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic uses the Freezepen device, which is the latest branded product from the World Leader in handheld Cryotherapy, with FDA and CE approval. The implement can target the concerning lesion with precision and control, using a process called ‘necrosis’ to rapidly freeze and thaw the unwanted cells and destroy them.

At the time of freezing, the lesion will turn white in colour, before returning to normal once it has thawed. At this point the cells have been destroyed and within a few days a scab will form, which may take around 2 weeks to fall off and heal. A dressing may or may not be applied, depending on the lesion itself, and any aftercare will be explained to you in full.

Feelings of embarrassment can arise within a person who has a noticeable lump, bump or lesion. After treatment, Cryotherapy can leave the skin with an even surface and smooth texture, increasing confidence levels that may have been affected.

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