Give Your Skin a Springtime Lift With HIFU

It’s March, it’s spring, and it’s time to tell the winter blues to take a hike!

Spring is a great time for rejuvenation as it’s a time when we feel the need to brush away the cobwebs and give our daily lives a much needed spruce up. This can also extend to the way we look, and many people use spring to get themselves ready for a well deserved get-away, ensuring they’ll look their very best when sipping cocktails in the sun.

The cold of winter can often lead to dry skin that becomes dull, and we all know how dehydrated skin contributes to the effects of ageing and how this makes us look. Well, a sad and tired appearance has no place on our spring agenda. So as we think about booking a summer break, why not make an appointment with the experts at Ambra Aesthetic Clinic. At our clinic we have an array of rejuvenating treatments for the face and skin, many of which can achieve an amazing appearance through a tailored course of treatments. And starting now means a polished and primed appearance can be achieved in time for summer.

One concern that ageing results in is sagging skin on the mid and lower face. When the complexion starts to weaken and the skin starts to descend, it can pave the way for conditions such as: jowls, a downturned mouth, fallen brows, loose skin around the neck and flat-looking cheeks. At Ambra Aesthetics in North Finchley, HIFU is a great treatment that can help to lift and firm the skin. Through the use of ultrasound energy, delivered to the SMAS layer of the skin (the deeper layers), it can naturally increase levels of collagen.

HIFU is very popular at Ambra and our patients are always delighted by the results. In most cases 1, 60 minute treatment session is all it takes to help lift and tighten the skin. And with the final result visible in around 90 days, now is the ideal time to book an appointment.
Stimulating the fibroblasts can give an instant tightening effect which lifts the skin and restores the natural contouring of the face. In addition to this, firmer and fuller skin also appears smoother for softer looking wrinkles.

Ambra Aesthetics frequently performs this revolutionary treatment on the face and neck, but it can also have excellent results when used on other areas of the body.

More information about HIFU can be found on our website. Or to book a consultation and see how this extraordinary piece of technology can help you, visit our contact page or drop us a line.

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