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Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning in North London works to deliver advanced levels of exfoliation to the skin, as well as removing the fine hairs that cover the skin’s surface, also known as ‘peach fuzz’.

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Smooth Surface to Skin

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20-30 Minutes


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Up to 1 Month

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Alternatively referred to as ‘microplaning’ or ‘blading’, this treatment removes the top layer of the skin to produce a smooth surface, as well as helping to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

Lifestyle habits, combined with environmental conditions, can affect the skin’s appearance. Over time, these contributors can lead to skin that is dull and dry, with lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and sun damage leaving their mark. The complexion can appear less vibrant, tired and older than the affected person wishes it to be.

Dermaplaning in North London uses a similar concept to that of traditional shaving, but without the risk of thicker hair growing back. When moved slowly across the face, the dermaplane tool can remove scar tissue, debris and dead skin cells; before a serum containing soothing aloe is applied, relieving the skin of any irritation, evening the texture of the skin.

New, healthier skin cells are allowed to regrow, resulting in a complexion that feels softer and looks clearer and more balanced.

The results that can be expected through dermaplaning are unique to the individual, and the extent to which the affecting conditions present. An immediate improvement can be seen in some patients, with results developing further over the few days that follow the procedure. A careful regular routine of daily exfoliation and cleansing can help to keep the skin healthy, but following up with recommended maintenance procedures can help to ensure optimum outcomes.

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This procedure is likely to be suitable for almost all skin types. It can be effective for people who are affected by conditions such as: fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and uneven skin tone. Your experienced practitioner will be able to recommend the best course of action for you.


Considered to be very safe, dermaplaning should cause no unsafe effects when performed by a professional practitioner who is appropriately trained and experienced.


This treatment should not be a painful experience. There may be some slight discomfort, depending on the conditions that are being addressed. An experienced practitioner, such as the professionals at Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, will be trained to perform this procedure with precision and care.


Dermaplaning is reported to be a low-risk treatment. However, some slight redness may be experienced in the first few hours that follow the procedure, with whiteheads developing within 2 or 3 days (these are also temporary). Some rare side effects can include infection and possible scarring, which should involve medical advice if symptoms develop. All risks will be outlined in the consultation that precedes the treatment.


This treatment incurs virtually no downtime. Patients may wish to allow for the redness to subside, but there should be no reason why normal daily activities can not be continued with.


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Used Dr Maryam McMillan for a few years now. She is AMAZING. Would not trust anyone else with my face now. So happy. Feel the most confident I’ve ever felt. Prices are good and service even better x

Five stars Callie Jayne 4 months ago

I went to see Dr McMillan for the first time about a year ago so she could revise some badly done under eye filler NOT DONE BY DR MCMILLAN, and she’s done the most fantastic job i had terrible anxiety from the previous injector and was very nervous, I did so much research but decided to go ahead with Dr McMillan as she was so reassuring and honest with it all

Five stars Mel 4 months ago

Having visited many clinics across the world, Ambra Aesthetic provides the highest in skin care. The staff are incredibly professional & knowledgeable. They always tailor the treatments according to your skin type. They are the best.

Five stars Alice Katz 2 months ago

I would highly recommend Maryam and her team at Ambra Aesthetic clinic, my husband had dental treatment with straightening and whitening of his teeth and the results are amazing. I have also had various treatments and we are both very pleased with the service, kindness shown and professionalism. Thank you Ambra. See you soon.

Five stars Liza Pluto 2 months ago

Ambra Aesthetics are the place to go to for professional, friendly service. You don’t need to go to Harley Street. Dr M and her team are all experts and really take care of you giving the best treatments and advice. Sam on the front desk is a dream. In lots of places the staff can look scary from doing too much but Ambra you can tell it’s all about discrete subtle tweakments. . Don’t hesitate to go!

Five stars Dan 2 months ago

Such friendly, professional service! Dr Maryam is brilliant and everyone at the clinic is so helpful. Ambra is excellent at Profilho, dermal fillers and Hydrafacial. It is like a top Central London aesthetic clinic on your doorstep – only with easy parking and lovely people!

Five stars Sue Cipin 2 months ago