Meet our Clinical Director

Dr. Maryam is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Ambra Aesthetic Clinic. Having already enjoyed a successful career in aesthetics dentistry, Dr. Maryam found that her growing interest in facial aesthetics was a natural progression and one in which she can showcase her warm and friendly persona, as well as her talented eye.

Advanced facial aesthetics, skin treatments and aesthetics dentistry are fields in which Dr. Maryam can apply her high level of training and experience, delivering her knowledge from both a medical and aesthetic point of view.

Dr. Maryam McMillan’s career began in 1997 when she graduated with an honours degree in Pharmacology. Following this, she went on to achieve a dental degree in 2002 from the University of Sheffield, and was awarded membership to the faculty of General Practice at the Royal College of Surgeons of England just a few years later.

Wishing to extend her growing passion for facial aesthetics, Dr. Maryam created Ambra Aesthetic Clinic – a classic setting that provides both luxury and refinement in a comfortable, residential environment in North Finchley, London.

Dr. Maryam’s approach is totally focussed on the patient and each person is treated as a unique individual, who requires an outcome that is theirs alone. In-depth consultations enable Dr. Maryam to really get to know the patient and understand their concerns, recognising that the chosen treatment option needs to reflect an outcome that produces personal satisfaction for both physical and emotional well-being.

Having established a connection with the patient, Dr. Maryam can employ her expertise and create a natural look that aims to enhance and complement the patient’s appearance, achieved through high quality professional facial revitalisation and cosmetic dental treatments.

Looking upon the world of aesthetics as a wonderful and innovative industry, Dr. Maryam is truly driven by the rewards that are produced. She makes it a priority to deliver these results safely and efficiently, without compromising on quality or cutting corners.

She ensures she carefully selects all the products and devices that are used at Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, maintaining that the treatments on offer are of the latest and most effective technologies.

As a qualified British Dental Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in the field of facial aesthetics, in 2018 Dr. Maryam was nominated as a finalist in the National Aesthetics Dentistry Awards, in all 3 facial aesthetics categories.

To date, she has completed numerous postgraduate courses in advanced cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics and holds qualifications in advanced facial aesthetics, including: treatment of tear troughs, non-surgical rhinoplasty, neck and decolletage, hands and facial contouring and dealing with corrections.

Contact the clinic on 020 8446 2671 to find out more.