Obagi-C Fx Clarifying Serum 30ml



Obagi-C Fx Clarifying Serum has natural skin whiteners. These skin whiteners address uneven skin by reducing excess facial hyperpigmentation. As we age the skin can develop uneven darkening and brown spots due to the overproduction of melanin which is a pigment in the skin. The most common cause for these changes in the skin are environmental exposures. UV rays, genetic make-up, some medications and, naturally, the ageing process, not least including hormonal changes can all add to skin discolouration. The CFX serum has been developed by Obagi UK to load the skin with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins to help prevent further pigmentation. Alongside this, the serum helps to repair our skin and existing sun damage. This serum lightens and brightens the skin for a youthful and radiant complexion.

Key benefits of Obagi-C Fx Clarifying Serum 

  • Fades dark spots with 4% arbutin
  • Minimises wrinkles and provides antioxidant protection with 10% vitamin C
  • The hydroquinone-free formula won’t cause irritation or sensitivity