Take Care of Your Unwanted Hair

We are confident you are aware of what is needed to take good care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Ensuring that you eat a balanced and nutritious diet, take regular exercise and drink plenty of water each day will help to ensure your body remains fit, healthy and functioning well. Whilst undertaking an activity or hobby that you find enjoyable and / or relaxing, contributes to a positive and happy outlook; taking care of your inner well-being – whether that’s to go running, read a book, listen to music or have a weekly coffee morning with the girls.

When it comes to taking care of your appearance, you’ll be thinking about how you look and may take steps to ensure it is a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident; be that through our at-home regime or with a suitable in-clinic treatment. For many, this may start with the skin, desiring a surface that is not just radiant and glowing, but is also smooth and silky to the touch – on the body as well as on the face.

Unwanted hair is one concern that can affect the entire body, from excessive growth around the face, to the regular stubble that we remove from the legs and under the arms. Removing hair from places where you would rather it didn’t appear can often be a laborious task that requires shaving, waxing or applying hair removal creams – a routine that needs to be undertaken regularly in order to remain smooth and hair free.

At this time of the year, with summer holidays feeling like a fading memory, attention can often turn to the events that end the year. The next few months will be the ideal time to get yourself ready to party, and make sure your appearance is looking top-notch.

How can Ambra Aesthetic Clinic Help with Unwanted Hair?

Ambra Aesthetics has an array of awesome treatments for your face, your body and your skin. And if the party season is made a little easier when you’re fuzz-free, then Ambra would recommend Cynosure Elite+. This laser hair removal treatment is a safe way to take care of unwanted hair growth on all areas of the face and body, targeting the follicle to effectively destroy the root which also prevents new hair from being produced. The results will develop gradually over a series of procedures, ensuring that by the time the winter’s festivities are getting underway, your skin will feel seamlessly silky and smooth.

So, get in touch with Ambra Aesthetics and book your consultation, today!

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