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Aesthetic Dentistry

For many people the appearance of the smile can work to complete their overall look; complementing the rest of the features, and brightening up the appearance of the face. There are a number of dental concerns that can affect the look and functioning of the teeth, including teeth that are: broken, crooked, cracked, discoloured, missing, have noticeable gaps or when the mouth shows too much gum tissue (gummy smile). By undergoing aesthetic dentistry, these

issues can be resolved and a healthy-looking, desirable smile can be revealed.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, Dr. McMillan applies both her dental knowledge and skill, as well as her aesthetic artistry to a range of dental treatments, including:

Teeth whitening – a peroxide-based gel is applied directly to discoloured teeth, breaking down the stain to help make them whiter and brighter.

Composite fillings – these fillings may be called ‘white’ fillings or resin fillings, and are often preferred as they blend in with the natural colouring of the teeth. They are used when decay has caused a hole (cavity) to develop on the tooth, which is filled to prevent decay from developing further. This can also stop any pain the person may be experienced as a result of the decay, and restore its normal functioning.

Adult orthodontics – this approach to dentistry is used to create a more attractive smile, and improve the look of teeth that are: crooked, crowded, protruding or have noticeable gaps. Depending on the patient’s specific concerns we may recommend wearing a fixed brace or teeth aligners to help produce straighter teeth.

Hygiene treatments – our hygiene treatments provide professional cleaning for the teeth, which may include scaling and polishing.

During this appointment our dental health professionals will also assess the health of the mouth and gums, and will offer advice on how best to care for the teeth – keeping them free of plaque and preventing gum disease.

Emergency treatments – if a person is experiencing dental pain or significant discomfort Ambra can provide an emergency treatment. Usually within 24 hours, the patient will be asked to come into the clinic for an assessment. The most appropriate treatment will be recommended which may be carried out with us or referred to another clinic / dental practice.

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