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Chemical Skin Peels

A treatment that works to resurface the skin, chemical skin peels exfoliate the skin and encourage the regrowth of healthy tissue, for a refreshed and revitalised appearance.

Over time, the skin’s structure can become compromised from the effects of certain environmental conditions and lifestyle factors.

This can leave the complexion with a dull appearance, as well having developed conditions such as pigmentation, congested pores, lines and wrinkles and an uneven texture.

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic performs light peels and medium depth peels. The type of peel that will be recommended will depend on your specific skin type, and the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Light peels are much kinder and are designed to target the superficial layers of the skin. Effective for anti-ageing and reducing the appearance of acne, gentle rejuvenation can help to produce a youthful glow.

Working on a deeper level, medium peels can successfully address wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation and sun damage, producing effective cell regeneration through more advanced exfoliation.

After preparing the skin, they will be manually applied in layers, allowed some time to develop before being removed and a soothing after care serum is used.

A series of treatments may be recommended to achieve the optimal results you desire, maintaining regular top-ups for a longer term effect.

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic uses AlumierMD professional peels, containing a combination of natural ingredients (including Salicylic and lactic acid) to stimulate collagen production and encourage healthy DNA repair.

Full results will be visible in around 2 weeks, when you can unveil a youthful, radiant and glowing skin.

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At A Glance

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Frequently Asked Questions

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