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Felc Nano Plasma

Effective for the removal of excess skin and skin lesions and, FELC Nano Plasma can help to restore a youthful look and more even surface to the skin.

A popular alternative to more invasive surgical procedures, this treatment uses heat energy to ‘sublimate’ the skin, a process that tightens and shrinks the tissue of the concerned area and alters the physical state.

FELC Nano Plasma offers non-invasive intervention that requires no incisions or stitching, and enables a more effective healing process that leaves virtually no scarring. This procedure is performed using a hand held device that delivers heat to the treatment site.

The tissue will tighten and contract, shrinking a bump or lesion. Conditions that benefit from this treatment include: moles, verrucas, warts, skin tags, acne scarring and active acne.

A person can feel a significant impact on their emotional well-being, when affected by a noticeable bump or lesion on the skin. By improving the appearance of these concerns, a more youthful appearance can be enjoyed, as well as feeling more confident with an even surface to the skin.

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At A Glance

20-30 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

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