Obagi Nu Derm FX Transformation System (Normal/Dry/Oily Options Available) Retinol Optional



Obagi Nu Derm FX Transformation System (Retinol options available) is a non-prescription 7-product regime to reduce pigmentation on the face, reducing sun damage and providing overall skin brightening. Obagi Nu-Derm FX Transformation System also helps transform older skin, enabling it to look healthier, fresher, and younger. This system come as a Normal/Dry Option and a Normal/Oily skin option. Obagi Nu Derm FX Transformation System reduces sun damage and pigmentation improving uneven skin to give the skin a healthier, pore-less glow. This regime includes the Arbutin version of Clear Fx and Blend Fx™. A natural agent, Arbutin brightens the skin and avoids the use of prescription bleaching agents, which are used in the prescription strength counterpart – Obagi Nu Derm. Obagi Nu Derm Fx Transformation System will brighten the skin and help to correct pigmentation on the face, including removing mild sun damage. It is also the regime of choice to sustain results after completing the prescription strength Obagi Nu Derm. Combine the system with Obagi Retinol 1% (non-prescription) to enhance the effect of the regime.

Obagi Nu Derm FX Transformation System - 7 step System Contents:

  • Gentle Foaming Gel Cleanser (1), 200ml
  • Toner (2)
  • Clear Fx
  • Exfoderm Forte
  • Blend Fx (5), 57g
  • Hydrate
  • Sun Shield Matte Broad-Spectrum SPF50
  • Obagi Retinol 1% (non-prescription) should also be purchased alongside this regime