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Beauty Treatments

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic is dedicated to making people ‘feel beautiful, inside and out’. The many treatments they have available are designed to enhance the facial features; improving the look and feel of the skin, as well as restoring a youthful and radiant look. Ambra’s team includes an aesthetician who specialises in beauty treatments, enhancing your appearance through the use of cosmetic products and procedures.

Services include:
LVL lashes – works with your own lashes, creating added volume, fullness and length.
Lash tinting – a specially formulated dye helps to darken the natural colouring of your own lashes to intensify their look and add definition.
Brow tinting – defining your brows through a semi-permanent dye can help to enhance their shape, for a fuller look.
Henna brows – this form of eyebrow tinting pigments the skin beneath the hairs, creating a look of depth and volume to the brows. – All areas of waxing – removing unwanted hair from various areas of the face and body helps to create smoother skin.
HD brows – combining procedures that tint and wax the brows, this treatment is completely tailored to meet your needs, designing a shape that is unique to you.
Microblading – a method of semi-permanent tattooing, this procedure uses a series of tiny injections to implant pigment into the skin, creating a fuller more defined look to the brows.

Semi-permanent make-up – enhances the look of the brows, eyes and lips to give definition to the features, saving you time in the morning.
Massage – relaxing and reviving the mind and body through a series of hands-on movement and manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues relieves tension and improves blood flow and circulation.

Through a consultation with Ambra’s beauty aesthetician, you can discuss the treatment you require and the benefits that can be achieved. These methods of enhancing your looks are temporary solutions that add convenience to your day and reduce the time you spend on your usual daily routine.

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