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Mesotherapy Facial

Mesotherapy with cocktail of vitamins & antioxidants with Meso U225® device
60 Minutes


Course of 3 • Was £600 • Now £495

Mesotherapy can be used to revitalise and tighten the skin.

An infusion of vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts and hormones are injected into the treatment area, increasing circulation to restore a healthy glow to tired or crêpey skin.

Tired, lacklustre skin can result from the ageing process, accelerated by exposure to certain environmental conditions and the habits we undertake as part of our individual lifestyle

Conditions that commonly develop as a result from the weakened structure of the skin can include wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, hands, neck and chest. Ageing is a natural process that sees the reduction of collagen and elastin from the skin, affecting anybody at any time, albeit in a variety of different ways.

Mesotherapy can help to reverse these effects by strengthening the skin’s structure, improving circulation and restoring essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. This helps to enhance the health and hydration of the skin, regenerating new collagen, elastin and moisturising properties, tightening the skin and reducing the signs that ageing has left behind.

The injections contain a bespoke combination of enriching ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, and can be administered at different depths according to your individual circumstances.

The treatment can produce instant results, Mesotherapy can produce instant results and can enhance other procedures, when used as part of a bespoke treatment plan.


New, healthier skin cells are allowed to regrow, resulting in a complexion that feels softer and looks clearer and more balanced.

The results that can be expected through dermaplaning are unique to the individual, and the extent to which the affecting conditions present. An immediate improvement can be seen in some patients, with results developing further over the few days that follow the procedure. A careful regular routine of daily exfoliation and cleansing can help to keep the skin healthy, but following up with recommended maintenance procedures can help to ensure optimum outcomes.

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At A Glance

Up to 1 Hour

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