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Radiesse is a type of filler that can add volume to the face and hands by stimulating collagen production within the skin.

The features of the face can be youthfully restored when their natural definition and contouring has been rediscovered.

The skin loses volume as we get older and the ageing process shows its effects. This happens as collagen and elastin is lost, and the skin becomes loose and vulnerable to developing a variety of conditions.

The result of ageing skin can often leave a person feeling dissatisfied with their appearance, feeling they look tired and worn.

An immediate lifting and firming effect can be achieved upon application of the injection, thanks to the calcium-based ingredients that are contained within the treatment’s smooth gel.

Volume is also encouraged when the production of collagen is encouraged within the skin, to ensure the effects continue to develop. Collagen will also help the features to regain their natural tightness and firming properties, elements that are required for an appearance that is both youthful and radiant.

As well as a successful filler for use on the facial features, Radiesse is one of the only products that can also be used to add volume to wrinkles on the hands. The hands are one feature that can give away a person’s age, so by restoring their youthful look, the affected person can appear naturally younger.

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