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Microsclerotherapy is a treatment that is used to safely remove thread veins on the legs, microsclerotherapy is an effective alternative to more ablative methods – such as laser or IPL, which is a popular treatment used in many clinics. Microsclerotherapy involves an injection into the thread vein, or ‘spider vein’ containing a liquid solution. This solution destroys the wall of the thread vein, causing it to disappear.

Thread veins can appear anywhere on the body and are the result of burst blood vessels near to the surface of the skin. Their cause is often down to stress or trauma to the skin (such as with people who spend lengthy times on their feet), as well as appearing during pregnancy or as part of the symptoms related to rosacea (a condition affecting the face). Affected people are not often happy with their appearance, which can see them develop as a single strand or as a cluster.

When undergoing microsclerotherapy at Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, identifying possible causes for the concern can help with the approach that may be needed. The procedure will involve using a very small needle to administer the sclerosant solution directly to the thread vein in small amounts. In order for the vein(s) to disappear effectively, pressure will need to be applied following the treatment. Initially this will be achieved by taping a swab to the skin which will need to be replaced by a compression garment for the next 21 days and nights.

A personal treatment plan will be put together during your pre-treatment consultation and will be personalised according to your individual concerns. It may be necessary for microsclerotherapy to be performed in a series of treatment sessions in order to achieve maximum results which creates a more even tone to the skin. Book your microsclerotherapy treatment in our north london clinic

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